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Get What Age Do You Switch To Toddler Bed Pictures. Unlike some developmental milestones of early childhood—such as potty training or starting solids—the move regardless of the reason for the switch, you'll ideally want to do it at a time when there are no other major changes going on in your child's life, says dr. Here's how to make is it time to ditch the crib and switch to a toddler bed?

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Our daughter is 27 months old & my mother in law is always on us about how we need to get her into a toddler bed. Typically, your best option will be a universal toddler guardrail kit. If this is your situation, make the switch depending on your toddler's age, you could also consider delaying the switch until the new baby is 3 or 4 months old.

Most toddlers make the move from cot to bed anywhere between about 18 months and three years.

Katsnelson also recommends switching to a cup as soon as possible. At this age, some babies can roll over while swaddled, which increases their risk of sudden infant death syndrome (sids). Toddler fun, toddler activities, toddler sleep, kids and parenting, parenting hacks, parenting articles, my baby girl, baby love, toddler climbing. Read on to learn some things any new mom needs to know before making the transition.

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